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Prepaid Virtual Visa Card, Plastic MasterCard, Online Prepaid Cards, Virtual Credit Cards from ALLVCCS

Welcome to ALLVCCS

AllVcc's Virtual Visa Credit card, Prepaid Plastic ATM MasterCard services give users easy access to their funds. AllVcc's is a high-performance online payment solution that empowers you to instantly pay money (online or by phone) - in just a few clicks anywhere you see the Visa logo. Our Virtual Prepaid Visa Credit Cards give anyone the ability to make instant, less-restricted online payments.

AllVcc's gives you an easy, safe way to pay online in the form of a Prepaid Virtual Credit Card. There are many benefits, including:

It's a Visa
Use a Prepaid Virtual Visa Credit Card to make purchases online anywhere you see the Visa logo.Use wherever Visa is accepted online or by phone.

It's Prepaid
Prepay with your credit or debit card. There is no credit check and you can only spend what you put onto the card.This means you can only spend what you load so can't get into debt.

It's Virtual
Instant card delivery to your screen with all the information you need including a 16 digit card number.Pay using your vcc anywhere online from a PC or mobile device.

It's Secure
Shop online or by Phone without sharing your financial details. All your information is protected by encryption.State-of-the-art secure technology platform to safeguard you and your money.

It's Fast
Instant funding allows you to spend right away.

It's Flexible
Load your VCC using your Paypal, MoneyBookers (MB), Payza (AlertPay), Liberty Reserve (LR),Perfect Money, WebMoney (WMZ).

Instantly convert your money to a different currency.

Receive money
Refunds can be paid back to your Virtual Visa Card.

Open an AllVcc account and get a Virtual Visa Credit card in just three easy steps:
Sign up now for an ALLVCC's Virtual Credit card. It's as easy as 1-2-3!
1.Provide your personal information—such as your name, birth date and contact details during
signup for your account at ALLVCC's website.

2.Decide how much to deposit to your Virtual Credit card using your Paypal, MoneyBookers (MB), Payza (AlertPay), Liberty Reserve (LR),Perfect Money, WebMoney (WMZ).

3.Enter the details of the payment confirmation you send to ALLVCC's using your Paypal, MoneyBookers (MB), Payza (AlertPay), Liberty Reserve (LR),Perfect Money, WebMoney (WMZ).

That’s it! An ALLVCC's Virtual Credit card is immediately issued once payment confirmed and you’re ready to spend online or pay by phone anywhere you see VISA logo.

For immediate delivery of your VCC please add our Skype Id: allvccs

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